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faith_lims's Journal

Faith Lehane Lims
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So what is this?
Lims stands for last icon maker standing. Each week there will be one challenge related to the character Faith Lehane played by talented Eliza Dushku. Every week in the voting you will vote out 1 or 2 participants and evantually there will only be one iconmaker left. Everyone can sign up, you can be a beginner or a professional, it doesnt matter, the important thing is that we all have a good time right? BUT before you sign up, read the rules furthur down please!
001. The rules will always come along with the challenge but the basic rules are that the icons msut fit the lj standars; 100x100, 40kb, PNG, JPG.
002. All icons must be anonymous until the challenge is over. If you dont keep them anonymous, you can be disqualified in the worst case. You friends can not help you with making icons, you must make them on your own.
003. You must enter in every challenge until you get voted out. Unless you use a skip; if you want to "skip" a challenge you will have to comment in the skip post. If you dont comment in time you will be disqualified for not getting your icon in.
004. Please both friend and join this community before you sign up.
005. When you sign up put the magic word "Rogue Slayer" somewhere in your comment so we know you read the rules. Thanks.
Timeline! Thursday: Challenge posted
Tuesday: Voting Posted
Thursday: Voting Results Posted

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